• The Tigers return to the Champions League on December 15
  • Luis Rodriguez wants to go to Qatar in 2021 and 2022
  • “All the upcoming matches are going to be finals,” he announces

Luis’s life is finally going well today Chaka Rodriguez. Prepared to play CONCACAF Champions League quarter-finals with Tigres, begins to gain Gerardo’s confidence Tata Martino in the national team and above all, his family left behind old health problems.

Before arriving at Tigres in 2016, Chaka leaves Monterrey to seek to consolidate his professional career in San Luis first, then in Chiapas. While living away from home, the worst news fell. “My wife had cancer in 2015. She underwent a treatment for a year, with chemo and radiation. She went back and forth to Monterrey for treatment. Today we talk about it more lightly but on the At the moment, it’s a huge challenge for the person who is going through this and for his family, ”he says.

It has undoubtedly served to forge his character and shape his life. “It has helped me to mature in a number of areas. We see life very differently now,” he admits. “We know we are here today, but tomorrow everything can change. Our priorities are different, so are our tastes, and so are the things we pay attention to.”

Back home

To be closer to his family, Rodriguez therefore did not hesitate to return to Monterrey and engage with Tigres, the great rival of the team with which he made his debut. “Honestly, I wanted to go back to Striped, because that’s where I’m from. But I was also starting to dream of going to the Tigers. I thought it would be good because it stayed in my city. I also liked it for what Tigres represents, and I like their supporters. I was apprehensive because I know how strict and demanding coach Ricardo Ferretti is. I also knew the quality of the workforce. There is competition in all positions … “

Rodriguez logically had to fight to find a place in a well-established team, not to despair of the little playing time he was getting, and finally to become a starter. “I had a lot of trouble finding playing time. Here, there are always two or three players per position, so it was very difficult to integrate the starting XI,” he admits. “I always knew the challenge was going to be more difficult here than in other teams. But I was talking with my dad and with my wife and I told them that the only thing that could happen to me was that by being surrounded by so many good players, I was bound to improve and that in the worst case, I could win in another team. “

Maturity and revenge

This maturity will be one of Tigres’ main assets in the quest for the CONCACAF Champions League, having lost three times in the final in the past five years, to open the doors to the FIFA Club World Cup. “I am extremely motivated”, announces Rodriguez. “I almost won the Champions League with Monterrey and left shortly before going to the Club World Cup, so I have a little revenge to take and I would love to do it with Tigres.”

The first stage of this rematch will be New York, a team on which the Felines have a goal ahead of a first leg already long in memory. It was disputed on March 11, before the end of all competitions due to the Covid-19. “This long break is neither an advantage nor a handicap. For anyone. It will be a very important game and we know that all teams have the same thing in mind. In a few matches you can win this Champions League and go. at the Club World Cup. What is certain is that all the upcoming matches will be finals, “he warns.

After three finals lost in 2016, 2017 and 2019, the path resumes in the direction of a coronation that escapes a team yet used to trophies. “We have already played several finals and our mistakes, in front and behind, have cost us dearly”, regrets Rodriguez, decided to kill two birds with one stone. “I would love to play this Club World Cup and if that happens I will score points from the selection. My goal is first to go to Qatar for the Club World Cup, and there. return in 2022 with the national team, “he concludes.

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