• Palmeiras and Santos: a derby as a final of the Copa Libertadores
  • Spotlight on the two clubs and the rivalry they maintain
  • Legends, titles and stats

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Finals of Libertadores

Palmeiras has played four Libertadores finals, losing three times (1961, 1968 and 2000). In 1999, with a squad that included Marcos, Junior Baiano, Roque Junior, Junior, Cesar Sampaio, Zinho, Alex and Paulo Nunes, Palmeiras clinched their only Copa Libertadores to date by beating Deportivo Cali. Then, the Brazilian team lost in the Intercontinental Cup against Manchester United, after a very balanced match.

In 1951, Palmeiras won the 1951 Copa Rio, the first intercontinental club tournament, in which Austria Vienna, Juventus, Nacional and Sporting participated.

Santos, for his part, won three of the four finals in which he participated, first in 1962 and 1963, with victories over Benfica and then AC Milan in two consecutive editions of the Intercontinental Cup. The third coronation was in 2011, with a success in the final against Peñarol, followed by a loss to Barcelona by Messi in the final of the FIFA Club World Cup ™.

Green king and king of kings

Unlike many clubs, both Palmeiras and Santos can claim to have had an all-time best player in their ranks. With Pelé as playmaker, Santos won 24 titles, including six Brazilian championships, two Libertadores and two Intercontinental Cups. King has made the Vila Belmiro stadium happy for 18 years.

Oddly enough, Ademir da Guia – arguably one of the best Brazilian footballers of all time – is little known outside his country’s borders. Blame it on… Pelé. Indeed, the one the Brazilians nicknamed “the Divine” played only 14 times for the Brazilian team and only once in the FIFA World Cup ™ (the match for third place in Germany 1974). The reason ? He held the same post as Pelé.

With his club, Ademir was dazzling. The proof: Santos and all its stars could not prevent Ademir’s “Academy” from winning six Brazilian championships between 1960 and 1973.

Club Securities
Palm Trees 10
Santos 8
Corinthians 7
Sao Paulo 6
Flamengo 6

Legendary players

Palm Trees

Heitor (1916-31), Oberdan Cattani (1940-54), Jair (1949-55), Julinho (1958-67), Djalma Santos (1959-68), Ademir da Guia (1961-77), Djalma Dias (1962 -68), Dudu (1964-75, 1976), Cesar Maluco (1967, 1968-75), Luis Pereira (1968-75, 1981-84), Emerson Leao (1971-78, 1984-85), Leivinha (1971 -75), Evair (1991-94, 1999), Cesar Sampaio (1991-94, 1999-2000), Mazinho (1992-94), Marcos (1992-2011), Roberto Carlos (1993-95), Edmundo (1993 -95), Rivaldo (1994-96), Alex de Souza (1997-2000), Dudu (since 2015).


Araken Patusca (1923-29, 1935-37), Zito (1952-67), Pepe (1954-69), Dorval (1956-64, 1965-67), Pele (1956-74), Coutinho (1958-68) , Mengalvio (1960-69), Gilmar (1961-69), Carlos Alberto Torres (1966-74), Edu (1966-76), Clodoaldo (1966-79), Serginho Chulapa (1983-84, 1986, 1988, 1989 -90), Giovanni (1994-96, 2005-06, 2010), Leo (2000-05, 2009-14), Elano (2001-05, 2015-16), Robinho (2002-05, 2014-15, 2020 ), Neymar (2009-13).

Le Classic de la Saudade

Let’s open the dictionary: Missing (Brazilian-Portuguese)

An intense emotional state of deep melancholy or nostalgic longing for an absent thing or person, to which one holds or loves.

The derby’s nickname, roughly translated as “Nostalgia Derby”, takes its name from the fact that fans nostalgia for the matches at the height of the 1960s, a period considered to be the height of Brazilian football. .

When Palmeiras faced Santos in 1960, 13 of the 22 players on the lawn had been part of the last Brazilian selection called (list of 18 players at the time)

Palmeiras, Santos and the World Cup

The two clubs have so far had 24 players called up to Brazil for a FIFA World Cup ™. With the trio of Palmeiras composed of Djalma Santos, Zequinha and Vava, and the seven players of Santos, namely Gilmar, Mauro, Zito, Mengalvio, Pepe, Pelé and Coutinho, 10 of the 22 players of the Selectionwho won 1962 Chile came from one of these two teams.


Palmeiras and Santos have faced each other in four finals, with the first named having won three, namely the 1928 and 1960 editions of the Campeonato Paulista and the 2015 Brazilian Cup. The fish won the Paulista 2015 at the expense ofThe Summer.

The four finals were fiercely contested, with two going all the way to the shootout streak, another requiring a play-off after two draws.

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