• European qualifiers for the 2021 Beach Soccer World Cup begin soon
  • Interview with Swiss coach Angelo Schirinzi
  • “Russia are favorites for the World Cup, along with Portugal and Brazil”

He dedicated his life to football … well, beach soccer, to be precise. For several years now, Angelo Schirinzi has been one of the great experts in the beach version of the most popular sport on the planet. In addition to his work as a FIFA instructor around the world, the Swiss notably wrote a manual on the discipline. Now 48 years old, Schirinzi has spared no effort in the service of beach soccer: he has practiced in Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Solomon Islands, RI Iran, Tahiti and Oman . He is currently the coach of BSC Kristall, the reigning Russian beach soccer champion.

“Halfway through, we are at the top of the standings. We recently won the Champions League and the championship”, specifies the person concerned at the microphone of FIFA.com between two training sessions, in St. Petersburg. “Here in Russia the conditions are ideal. We are also fortunate to have two stars of the national team, Dmitry Shishin and Kirill Romanov, to name but a few. some big names in European and South American beach soccer. “

“The country saw an opportunity in this sector,” he continues. “He positioned himself intelligently, by investing quickly. From 2005/06, Russia had a professional championship, which brings together the best. The leaders knew how to seize their chance. Bravo to them!”

A golden experience

The prospect of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup ™ settling down in the land of two-time world champions (2011 and 2013) is “simply fabulous”, according to the father of four. “A World Cup is always a major event in a player’s career.”

Schirinzi knows what he is talking about, he who accompanied Switzerland to each of his appearances in the final phase: as coach-player (2009 and 2011), player (2015) and coach (2017). Twelve years ago, he led his country to the final of the supreme event, from his first participation. Always at the head of the Born beach version, he intends to take advantage of this Russian edition to bring Switzerland back to the forefront of the world stage. But before dreaming of the title, we will have to start by negotiating the European qualifications.

“For Switzerland, participation in the World Cup remains an achievement. We are not professionals and, even if we can sometimes compete with the big boys, it is never a given. We have to keep pushing back. our limits. In recent years, we have obtained good results. In Europe, the gaps between the best teams are very small. As a result, there is often a favorite missing. ” What does he think of the next European qualifiers? “With us, anything is possible. I think that Portugal, Spain and Italy will be part of the trip to Russia.”

A feminine dream

The eleventh edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup ™ will take place at the Luzhniki Olympic Complex from August 19 to 29, 2021. Tickets will go on sale (while supplies last) following the draw. comes out July 8. The last World Cup, in 2019, took place in Asuncion (Paraguay). It ended in the second world coronation of Portugal, winner 6-4 of Italy in the final.

“This World Cup in Russia promises to be very special. Here, beach soccer occupies an important place, with high level competitions. The host country is undoubtedly one of the favorites, as are the title holders Portugal, and , of course, Brazil. We will do our best to be there as well “announces Schirinzi before concluding with a wish:” Globally, the federations do not invest enough in beach soccer. We still lack professional structures. Much remains to be done in this area. But my biggest dream would be to create a Women’s Beach Soccer World Cup. It would be fabulous! “

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