• Video support tool to be used for the first time in a FIFA ™ Futsal World Cup
  • The system will include a video technician and a pitchside screen for the referees
  • The technology has been tested in several futsal championships

A page of history will be written on the occasion of the FIFA Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2021 ™, which will take place from September 12 to October 3. In line with the goal set out in FIFA’s Vision 2020-2023 of relying on technology to improve the football experience, the FIFA Council recently approved the use of video support. for competition. New in the context of a FIFA Futsal World Cup, this tool should have positive effects on the discipline. Adequate training will also be incorporated into the preparation process for referees who will officiate in Lithuania.

The system will include a video technician and a screen placed at the edge of the pitch, on which the referees can view specific images. The referees and the participating teams will thus be able to benefit from the use of video in four specific situations:

  • Goal scored / not scored
  • Penalty / penalty pass
  • Direct red card
  • Potential case of mistaken identity

Pierluigi Collina, president of the FIFA Referees Committee, is enthusiastic about this project, which he fully supports: “The implementation of video assistance at the highest level of international competition is a important step for futsal. It is an innovative system that will quickly review certain situations and resolve them fairly. “

The referees will be able to immediately analyze the images in order to clarify decisive actions. Tested in several competitions, the technology has already been used in Lithuania, the host country of the next Futsal World Cup. The consultation carried out with various futsal stakeholders, in particular coaches and high-level players, yielded very favorable feedback.

“Of course, the introduction of something new always comes with a few questions, but the reaction from the futsal community has been extremely positive. The coaches of qualified teams will soon be informed of how this innovative tool works and we we will strive to offer a fantastic Futsal World Cup, placed under the seal of modernity “, adds Collina.

The protocol for using the video assistance system, currently being finalized, will be published closer to the start of the competition.

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