• Continuation of qualifying for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ™
  • 10 matches in Europe: Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands were in action
  • AFC and CONCACAF also on deck

Eighteen matches played on three continents awaited us on March 30, 2021 for this new qualifying day for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ™.

Asia was the first to kick in, with Japan largely dominating Mongolia (0-14). A little later, Palestine was beaten by Hervé Renard’s Saudi Arabia (5-0).

In Europe, brilliant in its first two outings, Turkey was hooked at home by Latvia. Held in check a few days earlier, Belgium and Portugal recovered perfectly against Belarus (8-0) and Luxembourg (1-3) respectively. Note also the victory of Cyprus against Slovenia and the great success of the Netherlands in Gibraltar (0-7).

Six other matches were also played in the CONCACAF zone, all of which smiled on the home side, with six home wins without any conceded goals.

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