A very busy week on the international scene ended on Wednesday March 31. Fifteen qualifying matches for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar were played in the Europe Zone.

Defending champions France won in Bosnia and Herzegovina to end on a high note a three-game series that saw them draw a draw against Ukraine and clinch a win without shaking, but without shining, in Kazakhstan.

Four other former world champions were also in action, but none appeared to be in great danger. England, at home, however struggled to dominate Poland, yet deprived of Robert Lewandowski, injured in the last meeting. Spain and Germany face adversaries within their reach, welcoming Kosovo and North Macedonia respectively. It went without forcing for La Roja. On the other hand, it stuck for the National team, beaten to general surprise. As for Italy, she was also leaving with the prognosis in favor of her trip to Lithuania, which she quietly negotiated.

FIFA.com makes you relive all the action.

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