• Tigers are the most successful club of the last decade in Mexico.
  • Ferretti has been in charge since the start of this golden era.
  • “Everyone dreams of it”, he says about the coronation at Qatar 2020

For Ricardo Ferretti, the third time has been the right one. His first stint on the bench of Tigres, between 2000 and 2003, had not given rise to any title. In 2006, he took over the controls for 27 matches. Then he came back in 2010, the year from which everything changed.

With Tigres threatened with relegation, Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti was given a long-term project. Beyond ensuring the maintenance, it was a question of making Tigres find the top of the basket.

The least we can say is that he fulfilled his mission.

Since taking office, the club have won nine titles: five Ligas Mx, one Copa MX and three CampeΓ³n de Campeones trophies (awarded to the winner of the match between the opening and closing champions). The only title missing during this decade is the Concacaf Champions League, a competition in which he had lost the final three times.

“Despite these three defeats in the final, we kept the intention of winning the competition. For ten years, the team showed very good things. Of these three finals that we lost, it was played out against matches, as often. We even lost on penalties when we were leading in the score. Having won this competition relieves us of this unnecessary pressure that weighed on us. Now we will try to make a good performance at the Club World Cup, “says Ricardo Ferretti.

Ricardo Ferretti, in short

  • Born February 22, 1954 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
  • He arrived in Mexico in 1977 to play for Atlas.
  • Besides Tigers, he also trained Pumas, Guadalajara, Toluca and Morelia. He acted as the head of the Mexico team between 2015 and 2018.
  • Only Javier de la Torre has spent more time at the head of a Mexican club than Ferretti (10 years to date). De la Torre was in command of Guadalajara for 13 years, between 1960 and 1973.

The Felines have the weapons needed to shine at the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020 β„’. “The strong point of my team is the balance between attack and defense. We have very experienced players, very strong mentally and technically, who find solutions on the pitch when it seems they are not there. I have some. My team is ready and has had a very solid core for many years. “

This team has of course headliners, foremost among them Frenchman AndrΓ©-Pierre Gignac, top scorer in club history and number one attacking asset for Tigres. But Tuca is too experienced not to know that the collective takes precedence over individualities. “Personally, I don’t like to talk about one or two players. It’s a team. An institution that has very good players, who have a great state of mind. What I like about- above all at home, it is their desire to serve the team. “

Ambition and talent

At 66, it is a Ferretti at the height of his art and his maturity who is about to officiate in the greatest competition of his career. A career that began in 1991 and during which he did not spend a single season without a club.

“I love my job. This sport is one of the most beautiful things that exist in the world. I feel privileged to be one of the actors. I have felt privileged to exercise there for 53 years, since my beginnings in as a player until today. I never get bored because I love what I do, because football is my passion. The day when I feel that I am no longer fully in it, I will put myself in withdrawal.”

In any case, everything is ready to end in style a golden decade during which Tigers won practically everything. It only remains to add the icing on the cake, with a coronation at the international level. So what face will Tigers show in this quest for the world trophy in Qatar?

“I respect all the opponents. All the clubs have the same goal: to compete and win the title. Everyone dreams of it but in the end there will be only one winning club. I hope that we, besides dreams, we will have ambition and talent. We will approach all our matches, starting with the first one, with the right frame of mind, without underestimating anyone. As we move forward in the competition, things will get more and more complicated, but we will keep this mentality, respecting everyone but not fearing anyone. “

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