• The Tigers were behind for their entry into Qatar 2020
  • Gignac was the spearhead of their comeback.
  • “We know that we can make history and that is our intention”, he announces

The Tigers’ start in the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020 ™ felt like a cold shower. Kim Keehee was to blame for giving Ulsan the lead with a header in the 24th minute. Fortunately, the Mexicans were able to count on their providential man, André-Pierre Gignac, to get out of this badly started situation.

The French scored the two goals that allowed the Felines to reverse the course of the match and to qualify for the last four of the competition. In the semifinals, on February 7, they will face the Brazilians of Palmeiras.

The first goal, scored on a corner deflected by Diego Reyes, is also the 400th in the history of the Club World Cup. One more statistic in the already well-stocked money bag of the former Olympique de Marseille player.


“These matches are played on details. They opened the scoring on a corner, we equalized in the same way, and it is still on a corner that there is hand and penalty. It goes like that, a match. There are no easy opponents. It’s a World Cup, we won tonight and that’s the main thing. That was the goal because we know that we can enter the match. “History and that is our intention. All the matches are different. We had a very good team in front. The Koreans had a great game. I thought we were going to face small guys, but they are tall and athletic. They are good with the ball. Now we expect a different type of opponent. We will see what we can offer against Palmeiras. ” – André-Pierre Gignac, Tigres striker

“A lot of people predicted an easy game for us. But I had already indicated that we are not the type to underestimate our opponents, whoever they are. Our opponents play very well football. They made their game, but we managed to win. We don’t underestimate anybody, but neither do we see the teams bigger than they really are. We know what Palmeiras stands for. He’s the Copa winner Libertadores and as a Brazilian I know what that means. We will take them as we did with the Koreans: with respect, no more and no less. ” – Ricardo Ferretti, Tigres coach

Gignac in five figures

André-Pierre Gignac is used to good statistics. On February 4, 2021, he scored the 400th goal in the history of the competition. And he has in his collection other stats that say a lot about the dimension of his career.

is the number of goals he scored under the colors of Tigers, which makes him the top scorer in the history of Felines. His runner-up is Tomás Boy, with 104 units.

this is the percentage of Tigers goals in which Gignac was involved, whether on the finish or the last pass.

Gignac is the third top scorer French of the Club World Cup. If it finds the net again, it will rise to the level of Nicolas anelka and Karim Benzema, the most prolific French directors in the event.

Gignac has finished top scorer in La Liga MX, the first division championship of Mexico, three times (2016, 2018, 2019)

Gignac is finished top scorer in Ligue 1 once, in 2009.

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