Brazil know how painful it is to lose a FIFA World Cup ™ final at home in front of their home crowd. The 1950 rout in the face of Uruguay indeed caused deep trauma. However, on two occasions, Brazil also played spoilers.

On January 15, 1989, the final of the first edition of the FIFA Futsal World Cup. To commemorate its centenary, the Netherlands Futsal Federation decided to organize the festivities, and 4,200 fans of the Oranges had come to mass at Sportpaleis Ahoy in Rotterdam.

The competition only lasted ten days. At the end of the two group stages, the Netherlands had a slightly better record than Brazil with 4 wins, 2 draws and one loss against 4 wins, 1 draw and two losses on the South American side. But the Auriverde could boast of a diabolical efficiency, with 31 goals scored against 20 for the locals.

After coming out of a trap semi-final against Belgium on penalties, Brazil returned to cover the next day in an attempt to overthrow the host country, which won 2-1 over the United States. Benatti, with a low strike, put the Brazilians into orbit in the 10th minute. At bay, the Dutch tried to advance, but without succeeding in forcing the lock of the Selection. In the 43rd minute, Marcel Loosveld equalized in front of a hysterical audience with a shot punctuated by a rebound on each post before crossing the line. Winding up like a clock, the Batavian choir started again.

But the euphoria was short-lived. From the 46th minute, Raul restored the advantage to the Canarinha a control of the chest with chained recovery. The score stood still and Brazil won the first of its three consecutive world crowns in futsal, before the 1992 coronation in Hong Kong, then that of 1996 in Spain, again against the host country in the final.

Brazil have won five of the eight FIFA Futsal World Cups. Only Spain, during Guatemala 2000 and Chinese Taipei 2004, as well as Argentina during Colombia 2016, managed to thwart the supremacy. verdeamarelha.

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