• Futsal legend Falcao celebrates his birthday today
  • The Brazilian is considered one of the best players of all time
  • FIFA.com has chosen four symbolic numbers to mark its 44th anniversary

Do you know Alessandro Rosa Vieira? This name means nothing to you ? On the other hand, if we talk to you about Falco, you immediately see who it is. Famous for his blind passes, rainbows, incredible feints and masterful strikes, the Brazilian is celebrating his 44th birthday today. Congratulations, Falcao!

The former winger remains considered one of the best futsal players of all time. It must be said that his record speaks for itself: two world championship titles, two adidas Golden Balls and an adidas Golden Shoe, among others.

Under his leadership, futsal has grown in popularity enormously in recent years. With him, no gesture was impossible, no feat was unimaginable; his brilliance on the field, his goals and his unforgettable actions have revolutionized the discipline.

Falcao is the top scorer in FIFA Futsal World Cup history, with 48 goals. Find some of his best shots on video!

Falcao played his 33rd and final Futsal World Cup match in Colombia’s 2016 round of 16, against RI Iran. At the final whistle, a deadly silence fell on the Coliseo Bicentenario. The unthinkable had just happened. The Iranians beat Brazil, the most successful team in the history of the competition and defending champion. The defeat of the Selection brought a brutal end to the career of a player who flew over the competition and delighted all futsal fans for years under the name Falcao.

Falcao made the number 12 a very special jersey in futsal. He inherited the jersey from Vander, who notably wore it during the 1996 Futsal World Cup. The Portuguese Ricardinho even had the famous number 12 tattooed on his calf, in honor of Falcao.

“I have two futsal sponsors: Douglas and Vander. I took over from Vander in the national team and he helped me a lot to negotiate this transition. He spoke to me, he gave me advice and he He did everything to motivate me. He was captain in 1996 and he scored a goal in the final. Before him, this jersey belonged to Jackson. They are icons of Brazilian futsal. This number has a long history behind him. “


Falcao received special recognition at The Best FIFA Football Awards 2016 where he received the FIFA Award for Outstanding Career.

“It’s more than a special moment. I can say that this is the most special moment of my career because it represents the culmination of everything I have accomplished. As the title suggests, it is is a prize that rewards all of my journey. Today, I can look back on my past and I know that all these efforts were worth it. ”


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