• Blue United eFC, Mkers and Complexity Gaming, crowned for the second year in a row, triumph at the end of the final day
  • The day before, Dire Wolves, 25eSports and ELS Torneios Online opened the Champions Ball
  • All eyes are now on the FIFAe World Cup ™ and the FIFAe Nations Cup ™

For the final day of the FIFAe Club World Cup ™, Blue United eFC, Mkers and Complexity Gaming, three of the best teams in EA SPORTS FIFA 21, took their turn on the top step of the podium. The champions of the six FIFAe Club World Cup ™ Zones are now known, at the end of a competition which saw 480 teams appear on the starting line.

These six clubs have earned the right to be considered the masters of FIFA eSports in their respective regions:

  • Zone 1 (Oceania): Dire Wolves – Dylan Campbell (Australia) and Joshua King (New Zealand)
  • Zone 2 (Asie): Blue United eFC –Sho Nakashima (Japon) et Shota Sato (Japon)
  • Zone 3 (Africa and Middle East): 25thSports – Abdulaziz Alsabyani (Saudi Arabia) and Ziad Alghamdi (Saudi Arabia)
  • Zone 4 (Europe): Mkers – Daniele Paolucci (Italy) and Oliver Uttgren (Sweden)
  • Zone 5 (South America): ELS Torneios Online – Paulo Henrique Chaves (Brazil) and Matheus Henrique (Brazil)
  • Zone 6 (North America): Complexity Gaming – Max Popov (United States) and Joksan Redona (United States)

This February 28, Blue United eFC and WICKED eSports fought a fierce battle in the final of Zone 2 (Asia), imitated a few hours later by Astralis and Mkers, the two European finalists (Zone 4). The final poster of this edition pitted New York City Esports and Complexity Gaming on behalf of Zone 6. At the end of this North American final, the curtain fell on the first major FIFAe tournament of the year 2021.

“These matches perfectly sum up the essence of the competition: passion and team spirit. The players wanted to help their clubs make a mark on the history of the FIFA competitive scene. On behalf of all of FIFA, I wanted to congratulate the six winners, who showed great individual talent and a flawless sense of collective to reach the top, “said Christian Volk, Director of eFootball and gaming of FIFA.

Already, the FIFAe World Cup ™, which will bring together the best individuals, and the FIFAe Nations Cup ™, reserved for national teams, are on the horizon. These two competitions will take place in the coming months.

Throughout the year, FIFAe fans can find the latest information on FIFA.gg or on FIFAe accounts on social networks, in particular on Twitter and Instagram.

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