• We now know the qualifications table
  • Unknown newcomers and top clubs
  • The competition starts on December 17th

The pre-qualifying tournament having delivered its verdict on December 11, the time has now come to look at the preliminary competition itself. This year, the candidates for a place in the finals of the FIFAe Club World Cup have been divided into six zones.

The task promises to be more difficult than ever, if only because of the number of participants: 480 teams competing, unprecedented! While the biggest FIFA eSports clubs are obviously there, this year they will have to deal with the presence of teams from the pre-qualifying tournament. And the latter intend to create a surprise!

Each of the six zones is divided into multiple conferences, each of which can have up to three divisions. At the end of the preliminary competition, the best ranked teams within the first divisions, as well as the leaders of the Regularity ranking, will directly advance to the FIFAe World Cup or the regional play-offs.

You can find all the clubs and all the results on FIFA.gg.

At the end of the final qualifying week, the top two from each top division in each conference, as well as the top two in the Regularity standings, will validate their tickets for the FIFAe Club World Cup 2021 (zones 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6) or for the play-offs (zone 4).

Zone 1 :

The first zone consists of a conference and a division. Already present in the final phase last year, the FW AU team intends to repeat the feat. Melbourne City, which has the excellent Marcus Gomes in its ranks, is also among the favorites in this area. The Australian will have the opportunity to meet his brother Dillon Gomes, who represents the True Boost Esports team.

Zone 2 :

Double finalist of the event, Blue United eFC appears as one of the main candidates for qualification, if not for the regional title. But, with a conference and two divisions in this second zone, the competition promises to be fierce. Kashima Antlers, who notably signed “Nasri121017”, a former FIFAe World Cup, is expected to make life difficult for Blue United throughout these preliminaries.

Zone 3 :

The third zone groups together a conference and three divisions. Several teams having already exercised their talents at the highest level in the past, we must also expect that the suspense will be there. Besides Nasr eSports, which was present last year in the finals, Goliath Gaming, Al-Nassr FC, Orlando Pirates FC and Urban Espresso all have great ambitions.

Zone 4 :

With 14 conferences of three divisions each, the fourth zone brings together a significant number of FIFA eSports heavyweights. Among the competitors present on the starting line, let us quote Ellevens, unhappy finalist of the previous edition, or Brondby IF, the most successful club in the history of the competition. Manchester City, which shares with the Danes the record for appearances in the final phase (three qualifiers), will also try to add a fourth final phase to its hunting roster.

Behind, Ajax, FaZe Clan, Bochum, Olympique Lyonnais, Mkers and others will do everything to achieve the pass of three.

Currently third in the world club ranking, the Fnatic of “Tekkz” and “Harry”, Tundra and the FOKUS Clan of former world champions “MsDossary” (2018) and “MoAuba” (2019) are considered favorites in their respective conferences. Author of remarkable performances in the Weekend League, Julian Berg could allow Feyenoord Rotterdam to celebrate his first participation in the FIFAe Club World Cup.

Among the newcomers, Dortmund, Grizi Esport, Inter Milan and others hope to invite themselves to the top of the table. However, they will have to fight hard because the FIFAe club ranking for the time being obliges them to start in the lower divisions.

Zone 5 :

The fifth zone consists of three conferences of three divisions each. FC Basel 1893 will start off as the favorites, thanks to a duo of gamers considered one of the best in the world: “FCB Nicolas99FC” and “SpiderKong” will be expected at the turn. However, Cruzeiro, SPQR, Wolves, Inter, Netshoes esports or even R10 Team, Ronaldinho’s team, have not said their last word.

Zone 6 :

The sixth zone includes a conference of three divisions. Three teams seem to stand out, at first glance: in addition to Complexity Gaming, the reigning club world champion and premier du world club ranking, New York City and KRÜ, Agüero’s team, are openly aiming for qualification.

Find all the results of the qualifications on FIFA.gg.

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