• The third round of qualifying for the FIFAe Club World Cup has delivered its verdict
  • The first to qualify for the Zone Finals and Play-offs
  • FIFA.com takes stock of the forces involved

As the final week of qualifying looms on the horizon, only the teams competing in the top divisions of the various Conferences can still hope to advance to the FIFAe Club World Cup. A number of clubs have already won one of the top two places in the Regularity standings, a performance synonymous with qualifying for the rest of the competition. However, other teams will play their future in the most prestigious team competition of EA SPORTS FIFA 21 in the coming days.

Only three clubs which started qualifying in the first division have achieved a clear round so far. With 900 Regularity points accumulated since the start of the preliminaries, Hexon esports, Inter esports and Team Gullit have validated their tickets for the Play-offs (Hexon esports and Team Gullit) or directly for the FIFAe Club World Cup (Inter esports), before even the last week.

Update on the situation

Zone 1

In this Zone, the competition started from the third week, due to the number of participants. The first final saw the teams of Marcus Gomes and Marko Brijeski, two legends of Australian esport, face off. The runner-up won, giving Atlantis Wave the victory over Melbourne City Gomes.

Zone 2

Despite their defeat in the final to the Kashima Antlers, Blue United eFC retains first place in the Conference and can legitimately hope to take part in their third FIFAe Club World Cup.

Zone 3

25eSports has spared no effort to climb to the top spot. At the end of an impressive week, this team seems to be on track to validate its ticket alongside Tuwaiq eSports, thanks to the Regularity ranking.

Zone 4

Conference 1: A veteran of two FIFAe Club World Cups, Bochum shares the lead in the Regularity standings with Ellevens, an unfortunate finalist in the competition last year.

Conference 2: Riders are in the lead, ahead of Tundra eSports RU and Fnatic, third. The last week of qualifying before the Play-offs promises to be rich in suspense.

Conference 3: The RBLZ retains control in this Conference, ahead of Serious Esports. The latter, who started his career in the second division, delivered remarkable performances to come and join the race for qualification.

Conference 4: Mkers and Team Vitality, two FIFAe Club World Cup alumni, will certainly be keen to return to the final phase. For this, they will have to successfully defend their positions in the standings.

Conference 5: Team Gullit can no longer be taken out of the Top 2, which means that they are guaranteed to participate in the play-offs. Bondby IF, who holds the record for appearances in the finals, can still qualify but remains under threat from Bremen.

Conference 6: Neo is in first place, but it is the presence of Wisla All in Games Krakow in second position in the Regularity classification that particularly catches the attention.

Conference 7: Futbolist has every chance of returning to the FIFAe Club World Cup in the coming weeks, but the Turkish club must still be wary of the return of Bundled, Monza and Grizi Esport, who have not said their last word.

Conference 8: Olympique Lyonnais are expected to reconnect with the FIFAe Club World Cup but behind, the fight rages for second place. In contrast, Hashtag United, a big name in the FIFA eSports scene, has said goodbye to its remaining hopes of qualifying after a disappointing week.

Conference 9: NOM eSports continues to lead, while Elide, who started in the second division, has set off in pursuit of Legia Warsaw, currently second.

Conference 10: Hexon eSports validated its ticket for the Play-offs even before the last week of qualifying. In second position, PSV Eindhoven should logically accompany it.

Conference 11: Burnley continues to string together the performances and remains more than ever in the lead. Currently second, Sporting Clube de Portugal has every chance of advancing to the rest of the competition.

Conference 12: Big winner of this third week of qualification, the Fokus Clan finds the chair of leader. Schalke 04, his German rival, is in second place.

Conference 13: After winning this third trick, the Falcons now occupy pole position. A double participant in the FIFAe Club World Cup, Ajax follows closely in second place, but both teams have widened the gap on their pursuers.

Conference 14: In this Conference, DUX Gaming is ahead of Astralis, who had to fight hard to relaunch the race for qualification after a disappointing second week.

Zone 5

Conference 1: FC Basel 1893 remains closely followed by ELS Torneios Online. The two leaders, however, have a significant margin of safety over their rivals.

Conference 2: While DUX Latam has a solid lead over its pursuers, the fight for second place in the Regularity standings promises to be extremely tight.

Conference 3: Inter eSports filled up with points in the first three weeks, becoming the first team to officially qualify for the FIFAe Club World Cup. Several other formations are currently fighting to try to get the second accessit.

Zone 6

Winner of the tournament of the week, New York City Esports takes first place, tied on points with Complexity Gaming, the reigning club world champion. The last week of qualifying promises to be particularly exciting.

In fact, in addition to the first two in the Regularity standings of the various conferences, the two best teams from the fourth week of qualifying will also advance to the FIFAe Club World Cup or, in the case of Zone 4, to the Play-offs.

The suspense is therefore guaranteed for the next two days of competition, scheduled for Thursday and Friday. All results are available on FIFA.gg.

The names of the participants in the FIFAe Club World Cup 2021 in Zones 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 will be known at the end of the last week of qualifying, on January 21 and 22. Due to the large number of participants in Zone 4, play-offs will be organized on January 28.

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